Peru Christmas Nutritour 2016

The best part of the trip is always getting to meet the children and their Moms typically. The screenings are busy and exciting as you meet children that are in the program and who want to see if they qualify to receive supplements from LCF.

New Donation Option

Merry Christmas and thank you for donating this year! We are introducing a new option for donations so that we can benefit both university students and children in our program countries.

Guatemala Nutritour 2016

"I don’t believe I will ever go on another trip that has had more of an impact on me and my family than the Nutritour to Guatemala. What an incredible experience..."

Thank You Letters from Huancayo, Peru

"Los agradecemos la ayuda brindada para Alison, estamos realmente complacidos con todo esto..." (We appreciate the assistance given to Alison. We are really pleased with all this...)

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