Population: 49,067,981

Income per capita(US$): $6,056

LDS Membership: 196,668

Number of LDS Congregations: 256

Number of LDS Missions: 5

Number of LDS Temples: 1 

LCF Programs in Colombia


Calima-Cali Stake

Guajira (Rioacha Branch y Maicao Branch of the Santa Marta District)

Itsmina - Choco Area

Las Tres Fronteras (Colombia, Peru, Brazil)

Medellin Stake

Monte Livano Area

Palmira District

Pasto Stake

Popayán District

Quibdo - Choco Area

Santa Marta District (City of Santa Marta)

Villa Colombia-Cali Stake

History of the Liahona Children's Foundation in Colombia

In July 2014, Bob Rees (Board Member and Co-Founder), along with other experienced members of the Liahona Children's Foundation team traveled to Colombia to screen children for malnutrition across the country. The results were sobering. According to Rees, the malnutrition rates varied "from city to city and region to region, depending on a number of factors. In Ipiales, over a third of the children screened (11 out of 27) were malnourished, whereas, in Popayan, over half (77 of 134) fell below the standards set by the World Health Organization."