Population: 103,796,832

Income per capita(US$): $2,904

LDS Membership: 745,959

Number of LDS Congregations: 1,211

Number of LDS Missions: 21

Number of LDS Temples: 2

LCF Programs in the Philippines

Aguilar District

Alaminos Stake

Antique Stake

Bacolod North Stake

Bacolod South Stake

Bacolod Stake

Bayambang Stake

Binalbagan Stake 1

Binalbagan Stake 2

Bogo District

Bulan District

Cadiz Stake

Calape District

Calasiao District

Catanduanes District

Dagupan Stake

Iloilo North Stake

Iloilo Stake

Jordan Guimaras District

Kalibo Stake

La Carlota District 1

La Carlota District 2

Legazpi Stake

Liloan Stake

Makati Stake

Mandaue Stake

Mangaldan Stake

Montalban Stake

Novaliches Stake

Rosales Stake

Roxas Capiz Stake

Sagay Stake 1

Sagay Stake 2

Sipalay District

Sorsogon District

Tabaco District

Tagbilaran District

Urdaneta Stake

History of the Liahona Children's Foundation in Philippines

In November 2013, the Liahona Children's Foundation visited the central Philippines to screen children for malnutrition in five stakes and districts on Bohol and Cebu islands. Bohol Island had just experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, and many homes were still destroyed or damaged with no hope of power being restored for many more months. The northern part of Cebu Island was also heavily impacted by Typhoon Haiyan and clean-up was still ongoing. In some areas, up to 80% of the homes were either lost or damaged.

The stakes were incredibly supportive and were very excited to start nutrition programs for their children. From the screenings on Bohol Island, in the Bogo District, 63 of the 120 children screened were found to be malnourished. In the Calape District on Cebu Island, 108 of the 197 were malnourished. In the Tagbilaron District, 41 of the 80 children screened qualified for the program. Similar rates were found in Mandaue and Lilo-an where 14 of 32, and 48 of 108 children were malnourished, respectively.

Since these initial screenings, more stakes and areas have been screened throughout the Philippines to now include programs in over 30 stakes/districts!

Meet the Country Coordinator


Maryjoy Bano-Bello

My name is Maryjoy Bano-Bello. I am the Country Coordinator for the Philippines. I was raised in the southern part of the Philippines (Mindanao) where at the age of 15, I stopped attending school and went into the mission field believing that serving my fellow beings could best show my love for my Creator. This was the main reason I was converted to a different religion from being a Catholic girl. This tenet of mine is also one of the many reasons I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was fully converted, aside from the clearer understanding I learnt from the sisters who Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are, and the greater understanding of who I am in their sight and my purpose on this mortality and the impact of the full understanding of Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. Before Liahona Children's Foundation came into our lives, my husband, Anthony and I were looking forward to the day when we could finally do couple missionary service. And our desire was given to us earlier than we expected.

Anthony and I are blessed with 3 boys; Joseph (19), Nickey (16) and Dome (6). It is my heart's desire that they serve and gain experiences that would benefit them.

When I became a member of the Church 4 and a half years ago, my desire for service led me to countless activities within our stake (Makati Stake). It has been always my prayer that Heavenly Father would lead me to where I could be of service and indeed He did guide me to where I am now. Ultimately the opportunity to serve landed in my lap. Service with LCF started in January 2014 when a bishop in Makati forwarded to me threads of communication from Brother Brad to the Makati stake president explaining what Liahona was all about. Seeping through the thread and understanding that Liahona is for everyone, I contacted stake presidents in Metro Manila and culminated in April 2014 where I, together with my husband participated in the screenings of the stakes in Makati, Montalban and Novaliches with Bob Reese, Brian and Katy Walker and Dr Deyro.

I am a government teacher by profession but stopped after 4 years in the service; mainly because I wanted more out of life, and I also had that distinct feeling that there was more for me to do out there than just being a classroom teacher. I tried other fields: for a few months, I was a trainee as a collection officer at Accenture; for 2 seasons I put myself in the shoes of a corn farmer (though I must say, I enjoyed this experience very much); I also tried my hand as an underwriter and other things as well. The list actually goes on and on. In retrospect, I often wondered what my Heavenly Father's plans were for the experiences, talents, and skills that He had given me to accumulate over the years. I often wondered how He would help me transform everything I have learned into something, into an opportunity that would open doors for me to help me help my family find temporal blessings. Heavenly Father knowing who I am, and me, cultivating the God-given desire to serve brought me exactly to the perfect place I felt all along I should be doing-- serving Him through Liahona Children's Foundation. I have found my place and I know in his perfect timing, He will give me opportunities to bless me. 

The challenges, the joys, the ups and downs of serving with 29 Program Coordinators and thousands of kids are not easy tasks but which I take step by step, with the constant guidance of the Philippine Supervisor living in New Zealand, Holly Jones, who at the onset and all times empowers me and trains me to think on my feet and to always pray and listen to my feelings before coming up with decisions that need careful considerations and immediate actions. To her, I am grateful, for empowering me. 

To all Liahona Children's Foundation's think tanks and sponsors: I am grateful to be under your tutelage. I am grateful that you made my country a part of your lives. My husband and I are united with you in your desire to serve Heavenly Father. In behalf of my fellow volunteers in the Philippines, together with all the children we are serving, accept my gratefulness for all that you do for us.