Liahona Jar

How it works:

A little bit of money can add up to a lot of help. Perfect for individuals and families who may not be able to write a check but who can save their coins and dollars each day. A year of saving a dollar a day in the Liahona Jar will provide the nutritional supplemental needs for 5 children for an entire year. This is a great family activity that teaches kids and teenagers how they can help those in need who are far away.

How to create the Liahona Jar:

Download the art and print on 3 1/2" x 5" shipping labels such as these seen here. Or print on your own inkjet paper and glue or tape to jar.

How to distribute:

Have a Family Home Evening using the some of the videos on the Liahona Children’s Foundation web site. Place jar in a prominent place in your home. Or, with permission from your Bishop, distribute Liahona Jars among ward or stake leaders, Relief Society, quorum, High Priest group, young men or young women, or Sunday School class. Or simply walk the neighborhood and enlist your neighbors. All these methods have been successfully implemented by Liahona supporters.