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As part of the LDS church's worldwide mission and curriculum, members in developing nations are given learning opportunities starting at a very young age. Education and good values are fostered at home, church, and school as these children of God prepare to serve missions, marry in the temple, begin families, and become productive citizens of the world and saints in the kingdom of God. Returned missionaries and others are helped to pursue higher education and career training through the Perpetual Education Fund / Self-Reliance Services. This "25 year plan" is an effective model that blesses the lives of not only members of the LDS church but the communities in which they reside.

The Liahona Children's Foundation provides a crucial intervention at a critical time in this 25-year plan. By supplying the needed nutrients and calories that pregnant mothers and their babies and young children require, we establish a strong foundation for future growth and prosperity in an increasingly competitive world. Many researchers have confirmed that the first 1000 days of life are crucial to the proper development of the brain and body. If a pregnant mother and her infant is malnourished during these first 1000 days then they will never develop their full mental or physical capacity. This cannot be remedied later.

This means that without our intervention these malnourished children will be disadvantaged the rest of their lives—often leaving them and their families unable to become fully self-reliant. And in too many cases, the Liahona Children's Foundation are even saving children from starvation and death. 

Our work is to help provide the nutritional foundation that will prevent death from starvation as well as enable greater success through all of the other components of the plan through proper nutrition in those first 1000 days. Without that initial fundamental nutrition and development, everything else is less likely to be successful.

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